Daily Archives: 23/06/2017

[LIVE!] Shiny Type:Null after 3274 SR’s + EVOLUTION into Shiny Silvally! (Stream Highlight)

Hey guys, KangasKid18 here and I'm back with my latest Shiny Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon - today it's Shiny Type: Null after 3274 SR's, more than 2x over odds! So you know I had to evolve it into Shiny Silvally right away! Chat with folks on Discover A Lot More

Dwight Howard Found Out He Got TRADED to the Hornets in the Most EMBARRASSING Way Possible

Dwight Howard was just chillin on Twitter minding his business, when he decided to do a Q&A with the fans about what's already started out to be a crazy NBA offseason. Little did he know, LITERALLY, that Dwight would become one of the biggest trade Discover A Lot More