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Hairdryer White Noise | Calm a Crying Baby | 10 Hours Sleep Sound for Colicky Babies

Babies often relax to the sound of a hair dryer. The white noise is an effective tool to soothe colic, calm a crying baby, and help an infant get to sleep. Try out this cool sleep trick, and let us know in the comments how it works for you! Baby Discover A Lot More

戀愛先生 | Mr Right 38【DVD版】(靳東、江疏影、李乃文、李宗翰等主演)

Thanks for watching the drama! Help more people watch [Mr Right] by contributing subtitles. Details here: https://goo.gl/q8oOgq 喜歡 [戀愛先生]嗎?幫助我們上字幕,讓更多觀眾可以欣賞這部好劇! 【歡迎訂閱大劇獨播官方頻道YouTube頻道】 https://goo.gl/bXGIIs 該劇講述了程皓、張銘陽、鄒北業三個遇到不同情感問題的男人,經過一番努力後,最終他們都找到了合適自己的另一半,同時也收穫了成長的故事。 ★《戀愛先生》——靳東江疏影攜手追求簡單愛【歡迎訂閱】 https://goo.gl/fKa7Qi ★《國士無雙黃飛鴻》——鄭凱郭碧婷成歡喜冤家 Discover A Lot More