Boy Has A Serious Food Phobia | Born Naughty? | Series 1 Episode 2

Eight-year-old Bobby refuses to eat most food. Is he food phobic? And Jessi-Jai is three, but is still not speaking in sentences and throws tantrums that last for hours. Can a specialist help?

It’s thought that 1 in 20 children aged between five and sixteen has a ‘conduct disorder’. Sadly, this often goes undiagnosed and those afflicted children are branded ‘problem children’ and their struggling parents left to fend for themselves. Using sophisticated tests and experiments, it is now
easier than ever to explain a child’s difficult or anti-social behaviour. Are they suffering from a behavioural disorder? Or has their environment lacked the necessary discipline? Either way, our experts are here with cutting edge treatments to help lift these children and their parents out of destructive habits, with emotional and dramatic transformations.

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