Cities: Skylines – PROJECT JAPAN #1 – Large train station, business and commercial district

Project Japan is a humble attempt to build a somewhat realistic looking Japanese city situated somewhere between Okayama and Kobe on the northern shore of the Harima-nada sea.

Focusing on developments along train stations, large intersections and public transportation hubs, many of the more generic areas will be built off camera, to quickly expand the city and capture the metropolitan vibe.

Japanese city series are almost non-existent, perhaps because of the serious lack of Japanese themed assets on the workshop. Finding inspiration can be tricky. Therefore, revamps are to be expected throughout the series, as i get better at building Japanese cityscapes and/or new assets become available.

In episode #1, we kickstart the city by building a large train station situated in the Hayachiru inner-city neighbourhood, which is comprised of a skyscraper business district in it’s northern part and a commercial shopping and leisure avenue in it’s southern part.

Phaura – Departure
Triton – Borealis
Phaura – Shiver
Ziv√łn – Aura

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