How to stop watery eyes? – Dr. Sunita Rana Agarwal

The problem with watery eyes is we need to understand that there are too many things that can cause watery eyes. Some of them are dryness of the eyes, allergies and infections. There can be other causes like uveitis, glaucoma, inflammations inside the eye or decreases pressure in the eye or bleeding in the eye. Of the common causes infections are the most serious. To distinguish between them , in case of infection there will be pain and discharge. If there is some whitish discharge coming out then you may think of infection. The pathognomic sign for us is if you sleep and on getting up your eyes are sticking together then it is sure that there is a bacterial infection. To treat this you need to wash eyes frequently, start an antibiotic eye drop, an antibiotic eye ointment, take a little antihistamines as it is little painful and hot fermentation. Hot fermentation means make some kerchief or something hot on an iron box an hold it on the eyes for about 2 to 3 minutes but every hour and the hour. Within 3 to 4 days you should have a relief on that watery eye. Allergy and dryness are interrelated. Whenever there is an dryness of the eye it usually leads to allergies in the eye. Most patients that come to me already knows that the eyes are dry. Whenever you have allergy or dryness of the eye when you come from outside splash some water to wash out deleterious material. Whenever you are sitting in front of the computer or television or mobile phone use a pair of anti reflective coating glass. That means 0 power, but it is going to protect the eyes against the glare of the machines. This is called as technologic glass. Along with that you need to use antibiotic eye ointment, take little ointment on your fingers and massage the lids on the outside. Along with that use some artificial tear drops which is the over the counter medicine available in any pharmacy and use some vitamin tablets. In our office the way that we also treat them is by using a lacrimal silicon plug. It is made in USA, patented only for that small canal that connects the eye to the nose. This takes the moisture of the eyes into the nose. If we close these openings we will be able to retain the moisture in the eyes for some more time.

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