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Once upon a time there used to be a village named Sri RamaPuram. There lived a couple named Rosiah and Yellamma. They have a son Balu. They used to take care of him with lots of love and affection. They lived happily with each other. But the happiness didn’t last longer. Balu’s parents got affected with an unknown disease. Whole happiness turned into misery.
Balu went to woods to find the medicine for the illness of his parents. In the way he saw lakes, trees and farms. He found them pleasant. He finally reached the saint’s place. Saint asked what the problem is. Balu explained about the problem. Saint told balu that the medicine is available at a place in Himalayas. But you should do some adventure and face many challenges to reach there. Saint gave a sacred talisman to balu which will help in attain powers to cross the hurdles in the journey.
Balu went to home and told that he will get the medicine. After taking the blessings from his parents, he made all the arrangements for his journey. He safely kept the talisman and chanted the spell that saint gave him. First he went to the place of lions. They seemed cruel. He held the talisman in his hand and chanted the chant. All of a sudden he got the strength and qualities of the lion king. He got great courage and confidence. He got surprised by looking at him. He started to move further. Whenever he felt hungry, he used to sit and ate the food he got for himself and then went further. He reached a river. It looked dangerous. Balu held the talisman I his hand and chanted the chant. He got the power and qualities of the birds and he attained the quality to fly. He flew over the river and his hands worked like wings of a bird. After crossing the river, he landed down. Balu’s destination is still very far. He got an Idea. He removed the talisman once again and chanted the chant. Immediately he got the qualities of deer and squirrel. And then he felt very happy. Immediately he started running. He ran for a long time. Just before 10km he went to a lonely place. He got afraid by looking at all the snakes. There is no other option than to cross them. He thought deeply.He got a nice idea. He held the talisman in his hand and chanted the chant once again. He felt bold after getting the powers of mongoose. He got ready to fight the snakes. He went amidst of the snakes. Snakes also came forward. He fought with them for a long time. Then heard someone words. Balu looked here and there. King of snakes appeared. He looked at him astonishingly. The snake king gave herbs which are cure for the illness of balu’s parents. Balu went forward with lot of happiness, took the hebs and thanked the snake king. In the meanwhile, Snake king, snakes and the trees got disappeared. Balu got surprised.
He gave the herbs to his parents. And they got cured. All the three went to the saint and thanked him. Balu’s mom and dad thanked saint. Saint gave entire credit to Balu who made adventurous journey to get the herbs. Three of them took blessings from the saint and went home and lived happily ever after. The story comes to happy ending.

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