Rooster Teeth – Quickest of Bits

0:15(RT Life)
1:30(RT Shorts)
2:21(GTA IV)
3:10(RT Recap)
4:13(Minecraft 1-85)
8:32(Cloudberry Kingdom)
8:57(Minecraft 86-90)
9:14(GTA V 1-27)
10:10(Podcast 100-269)
13:59(VS 1-56)
14:54(GO! 1-24)
15:14(Minecraft 91-100)
16:13(Rainbow Six Vegas)
16:34(GTA V 28-41)
17:41(Rage Quit)
18:13(Minecraft 106-129)
19:47(GTA V 42-63)
21:24(Worms Part 2),
22:01(GTA V 64-111)
23:10(RT SALUTE 2014)
23:44(Lazer Team 2014)
23:57(Extra Life 2014)
25:25(RT Podcast 270-300)
30:25(Internet Box)
31:47(On the Spot)
34:22(RT Podcast 301-334)
37:56(RT Audio Podcasts)
40:08(Extra Life 2015).

So I decided to go over most of the large projects I’ve worked on these last two years and make a really fast paced compilation of compilations. Most of the clips are around 5 seconds long. The most recurring thought was “so I really did all this huh…” The concept was funny in my head so I committed to it. I also realized I missed the AH Golf Moments. I may have been in a rush to finish before Christmas and was also burned out. Oops.

The content in this video were made by Rooster Teeth. I don’t claim ownership of the content used and the video is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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