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Best use of waste pen lid craft idea #diy arts and crafts #DIY HOME DECOR #DIY home projects #Art

Best use of waste pen lid craft idea #awesome craft project #diy arts and crafts #DIY HOME DECOR #DIY arts and crafts #diy home decor #diy room decor #craft projects #diy home projects #cool crafts idea #cool diys #handmade crafts #homemade Discover A Lot More

Dollar Tree Water Boat, Easy DIY Sock Barbie Doll Dress , Glow In The Dark Craft

Super fun crafts from the Dollar Tree Store. Make your own Barbie clothing from a regular sock! Trolls Poppy gives Branch a glow in the dark suncatcher, and woodshop make your own sail boat to float in the water, will it work? Watch and see! 😀 FREE Discover A Lot More

Big Large Inspired Shopkins Made From Cupcake & Cake Slice DIY Painting Craft Kit + Clay

Design the cake slice and cupcake of your dreams with this set! I custom make hands and feet from clay then paint faces on each dessert so they look like large Shopkins! Now its time to add stickers for a super unique touch. Now these Shopkins inspired Discover A Lot More