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Tekken 7 Master Cup – Korea (Knee, Chanel, Lowhigh…) vs Japan (Noroma, Chikurin…) (Arcade)

Tekken 7 Master Cup - Korea (Knee, Chanel, Lowhigh, Senu, Kelthu) vs Japan (Noroma, Chikurin, Thai Curry, Mafuyu, Keisuke) (Arcade). Credits to Bandai Namco, their official Tekken stream (twitch.tv/tekken), the commentators and ofc the players. If Discover A Lot More

Cities: Skylines – PROJECT JAPAN #1 – Large train station, business and commercial district

Project Japan is a humble attempt to build a somewhat realistic looking Japanese city situated somewhere between Okayama and Kobe on the northern shore of the Harima-nada sea. Focusing on developments along train stations, large intersections and Discover A Lot More