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10 Interesting Facts About Darth Vader’s Suit You Didn’t Know – Star Wars Explained

In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker loses to Obi-Wan Kenobi and turns into Darth Vader. Vader had many functions in the Empire and in the Galaxy even...but what functions did his suit provide for his everyday life? What did they do Discover A Lot More

Colonel Starck, Tarkin, and No Tank on Palpatine Team! Is It Good? | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Recently, I have received quite a few comments about a Palpatine team with NO taunt that uses Tarkin and Starck which apparently obliterates everything. Is the hype real or should we be skeptical? Also, stay tuned for gameplay unveiling videos for Discover A Lot More

Surgical Extraction of tooth #30 utilizing the Blue Sky Bio Surgy Star Piezo handpiece

Piezo surgery was utilized to break the periodontal attachment and section this fractured tooth. This allowed for mucheasier elevation and atraumatic removal of the root fragments with Accu Lux-tome from Blue Sky Bio. Video recorded using HD Loupecam. Discover A Lot More

Liverpool make move to replace Philippe Coutinho with Leicester star Riyad Mahrez ● News Now ● #LFC

Liverpool FC News: https://goo.gl/igc2hA Playlist LFC News: https://goo.gl/Q6Excj Fan Page: https://goo.gl/W4DTsn ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Liverpool make move to replace Philippe Coutinho with Leicester Discover A Lot More