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Missing a Tooth

Why did the Ecco’s tooth fall out? Doc Bada knows. Everyone loses their baby teeth, but new teeth will grow back. Don’t worry if you lose a tooth. It just means you’re growing up! Join in and sing along: http://bit.ly/2z64uQ6 Don’t forget Discover A Lot More

Surgical Extraction of tooth #30 utilizing the Blue Sky Bio Surgy Star Piezo handpiece

Piezo surgery was utilized to break the periodontal attachment and section this fractured tooth. This allowed for mucheasier elevation and atraumatic removal of the root fragments with Accu Lux-tome from Blue Sky Bio. Video recorded using HD Loupecam. Discover A Lot More

Tooth FAIRY ! ANNA toddler CAN’T find her tooth ! Will she find and place it under the pillow?

TOOTH FAIRY may pay a visit to ANNA toddler! This toys dolls parody video shows ELSA & ANNA playing and going to sleep in Elsa's Ice Palace ! ANNA is so excited because the Tooth Fairy is coming! Little Anna wants to place her tooth under the pillow, Discover A Lot More

Gangly tooth

From the same lowlife degenerates that brought you the Drunken Peasants, this is Highdeology! Surfing the crest of the moral zeitgeist, and totally hanging ten while doing so. Support Highdeology: Paul’s Twitter - https://twitter.com/PaulsEgo TJ’s Discover A Lot More