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Presenting Fastest High Speed Rail Corridor In India with 18 Thundering Superfast Trains

Wishing all of you A Very Happy Dussehra On this great occassion, presenting a compilation of Trains taken at Full Speed or Maximum Permissible Speed (MPS) at scenic Banchari and Sholaka railway stations on Mathura - Delhi route. Mathur - Delhi Discover A Lot More

Rail tracks at Bihar’s Kishanganj station submerged in rain water, several trains cancelled

Many districts in Bihar are reeling under heavy flood as incessant rains led to overflowing of major rivers in the state. Several trains have been cancelled as railway tracks at Kishanganj station were submerged in rain water. Subscribe to Times Discover A Lot More

Heavy Rail Traffic : Speeding Trains on New Delhi – Mathura Route Morning to Evening

Heavy Rail Traffic on New Delhi - Mathura Route. After missing my EMU bound to Kosi Kalan at Faridabad, I needed some dynamic planning to reach at a spot between Palwal and Kosi Kalan before Bhopal Shatabdi. Luckily Punjab Mail was running on Discover A Lot More