Untold TRUTH Of The Lyrical Genius LIL PUMP…

In this video we explain why Lil pump is the smartest rapper in the game. When he said gucci gang gucci gang I nearly shed a tear. But seriously we go over why he might be fooling you with his cover personalty he might be a marketing genius. Lil pump is know for viral songs that have very simple hooks like the song Gucci gang, D rose and many many more and here we tell you the full story.

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Why people don’t listen to lil pump and gucci gang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5DsgW-w_lA

Lil pump is a marketing genius despite his simple lyrics in Gucci gang and d Rose. That would be amazing if you subscribed if you are new to this channel we will have more videos on lil pump and other Rappers!

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